The start of a new blog

May 18, 2022

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but have never actually made the effort to put one together. So here we are, the first post on a fresh new blog!

What can you expect from this blog?

Nothing really, but occasionally I may share my thoughts on what’s going on in the world, publish write-ups on security vulnerabilities that I have discovered or even just share something that I find interesting to save for future reference.

Why am I even starting a blog?

In the past, I’ve run multiple forum sites with software such as phpBB. These were mainly used as message boards for users of my apps that needed help. Users could find existing posts or chat with other members that could likely help them out without me having to repeatedly write the same information over and over in direct messages - which was painful for me, and didn’t help anyone else in the future with the same questions.

These forums were discontinued several years ago now, but as of recently, I have created a Community Discord Server which as of writing, has over 800 members.

Discord is nice for interacting with the community in real-time, and the forums were useful for providing a place of support for users of my apps, however these platforms, along with others such as Facebook and Twitter don’t really feel like the right place for me to share longer write-ups that probably aren’t really relevant to anyone idling in the chat or asking for support.

I’m wanting a place that I can share my ideas and knowledge with the world in a more persistent kind of way. With real-time platforms, content is quickly lost to the endless scrolling canvas of the internet. However, with a blog, all of my posts will be available to see in one place without being lost amongst the content of everyone else.

What now?

If you’re interested in following along with whatever I decide to write here, feel free to add my Atom Feed to your favourite reader app, or add the site to your bookmarks.

How else can I follow you?

I mainly hang out in my Discord Server, but you can find me on Twitter or browse through my open source code on GitHub.

So, let’s try this blogging thing, huh?